Sweet Sweet Summer! Part 1

Warm weather events can be wonderful... but let's face it, having your cake or treats completely ruined by sitting out in the heat for hours isn't. Here are some Do's and Don'ts to keep your treats safe in this hot sticky weather!

Don't... Leave your cake sitting in direct sunlight!

This seems like it should go without saying, however it happens year after year. If you must have your cake displayed outside the best you can do it put it in a shady spot. If no shade is available you will need to create shade by putting a canopy over the table.

Do... Choose light colors

When hosting an outdoor event its best to keep your cake color scheme neutral. Choose pale colors, or keep your base color mostly white or ivory. Deep intense colors like black, red, royal blue etc... have a tendency to run

Don't... Choose heavy decor

In the heat its best to avoid placing extra weight on buttercream. Decor pieces like sugar flowers, fondant appliques etc.. can be heavy once the buttercream starts to soften from the heat causing them to shift and rip through the cake. If a buttercream style cake is your dream wedding cake then opt for florals made from wafer paper (which is light, delicate and airy), or choose sugarveil for lace decor as opposed to fondant.

Do... keep your buttercream cake covered

Keep in mind that having your cake exposed outdoors also means bugs, critters, and debris flying around. These things have a tendency to stick to buttercream cakes more than fondant cakes. Cover a small buttercream cake with a cloche, you'll still be able to enjoy its beauty while keeping the bugs at bay.

Don't... take your cake straight from the fridge to outdoors

Although a fondant covered cake will hold up a little better in the heat it's not immune. In high heat your cake has most likely been refrigerated. The worst thing you can do is take it straight outside. The change in temperature is guaranteed to cause air pockets under the fondant. This creates bubbles on your cake and causes it to bulge as the cake comes to room temp. The bubbles can be popped with a pin a gently smoothed out but depending on the way it's decorated may not always be possible.

Do... allow your cake to come to room temp before displaying outside

This will take a little planning but the idea is to get your cake to get as close to the outdoor temp as gradually as possible. An extreme change in temp like one from the fridge to straight outside may cause your fondant cake to sweat, bulge and colors to run.

Do... opt for faux tiers

A fake cake can't melt! Leaving you with a flawless cake throughout your entire event.

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